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about us


Robert Geer is the visionary behind Matraxx. He is an entrepreneur always exploring for business opportunities and looking for niche products or service possibilities which can be innovated.

Robert Geer was born on 20th of January 1971. He has a daughter and currently lives in Paramaribo, Suriname.  He lived in Holland from 1991 – 2000. Robert started his journey with a small takeaway delivery service in Rotterdam. Since Robert’s roots were in Suriname, he got attracted to Suriname as he saw unexplored opportunities here. He did several businesses here among which some where clothing, restaurant, agriculture and timber. In this journey he failed several times. But he did not quit.


Our mission is to promote clean, healthy, and fresh living through our products and services


Our vision is innovation of health and lifestyle products and services. We will enable healthy living, every day for our valued consumers, and coach them about the value of healthy living. In this process we hope to convert consumers into ownership systems, leading to heathy and higher living.


our history

  • As an entrepreneur he was constantly searching in his mind for opportunities. Suddenly a thought dawned upon him about incubating a deep cleaning professional firm, when he realized that people need to clean their mattress sometime or the other, to have a hygienic and a healthy lifestyle. After a quick research, Robert found out that the majority of consumers or potential consumers didn’t even realize the value of such a service as there wasn’t much education or awareness on this. He incorporated Matraxx in 2014, a cleaning services company with his girlfriend, Vesta Singokarijo, in Paramaribo, Suriname. The goal of Matraxx was to provide niche and high end professional services for cleaning matrasses. The target initially was home users but soon hotels and other businesses requested for such services. Shortly other service lines of car interior cleaning, carpet cleaning, industrial cleaning was added to the list.

  • Matraxx needed various cleaning agents for all such cleaning services. Most of these were being imported. This led to another innovation, and the concept to develop and bottle Matraxx products which could be used for cleaning services, was born. Also additional lifestyle products lines were developed like car fragrances and room sprays. Now the list and categories is growing and Matraxx and Robert will keep innovating.

  • Within the next 5 years, Robert would like to set a cluster Business Ownership Program to help small entrepreneurs start their businesses with Matraxx by creating a business interactive platform. He also sees regional and international home businesses becoming a part of this journey. He also sees his service division being represented in the Caribbean as his company has already started feeling out business opportunities in 2016 in Curacao and Aruba.


Matraxx is a young dynamic company. We will be looking for young energetic people in the near future.
All applications must be send to: info@matraxx.net.

Currently we have no vacancies.