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Our cosmetic line Scentz, has a large collection of products varying from room sprays to car impregnators and car fresheners, which not only deodorizes, but has the capacity to sanitize. They come in various fragrances so you can choose from your personal sense of smell.

Car Impregnation Spray Straight

Car Impregnation Spray 10 ml

Roomspray Spa Straight

Roomspray Spa 200 ml

Roomspray Passion Flower Straight

Roomspray Passion Flower 200 ml

Room spray Spartan Breeze Straight

Room spray Spartan Breeze 200 ml

Room spray Sandalwood Straight

Room spray Sandalwood 200 ml

Room spray Orange & Cedar Straight

Room spray Orange & Cedar 200 ml

Room spray Ocean Straight

Room spray Ocean 200 ml

Goldline For Him

Goldline for him 125 ml

Goldline For Her

Goldline for her 125 ml

Disinfectant Spa 500ml Straight

Disinfecting Spray – Spa
100, 300, 500 ml

Disinfectant Lemon 500ml Straight

Disinfecting Spray – Citrus
100, 300, 500 ml

Disinfectant Lavender 500ml Straight

Disinfecting Spray – Lavender
100, 300, 500 ml

Disinfectant Jasmine 300ml Straight

Disinfecting Spray – Jasmine
100, 300, 500 ml

Disinfectant Bamboo 500ml Straight

Disinfecting Spray – Bamboo
100, 300, 500 ml