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Global Affiliate Program

If you are interested in being an investor partner and want to set up Matraxx in your country, you can choose to do so. You will not only become a stockist and distributor but also our equity partner.  This will make you a part of our Business Affiliate Program or BAP.

As a part of the International BAP or IBAP you will lead Matraxx in your country but be a part of the Global Matraxx Network.

Global Affiliate Program (2)

You will invest in the following:

  1. Infrastructure – office space, bottling plant set up, office furniture and fixture.
  2. Advertisement – Initial 6 months of advertisement placement cost on television, radio and newspaper.
  3. Startup HR cost – Team of 4 – salaries

Matraxx will invest according to the following procedure:

  1. Matraxx principal will invest intTraining YOU ( maximum 1 person) in Suriname for an orientation period of 3 months after the company has been incorporated in the respective country. Affiliate representative will need to come at his own cost and bear his own accommodation and meal expenses.
  1. Matraxx Principal will set up an on-ground business incubation program to hand hold the equity partner for 3 additional months in the respective country and train and monitor all personnel. During this period Matraxx will send a Country Manager and and a Financial Advisory to oversee the incubation. Matraxx will bear their accommodation and meal expenses.
  1. Matraxx principal will invest in placing a country manager permanently at our cost in your country. Salary will be paid by us but residential/accommodation and cost of meals must be taken care of by Matraxx equity affiliate. This is after the orientation period is over and will begin from the incubation period. Country managers will change every year.